Lahmajoun (A popular Mediterranean meat pizza)

The Mediterranean region boasts a rich diversity of culture, cuisine and traditions. Common amongst the people of the Mediterranean region is their love for fresh bread. The Italians manifested that love in their pizza that is recognized throughout the world. The Eastern Mediterranean people have their own meat pizza. This popular dish is known by different names dependent on the region. It is called Lahmacun by the Turks. The Syrians and Armenians call it Lahmajoun.  It is such a delightful pizza that each group claims the ownership of its invention, but they all share their love for it.

The word “Lahmajoun” is a compound word meaning dough and meat. It is freshly baked pizza dough with either ground beef or lamb being the main ingredient. Two varieties are usually offered.

The traditional meat pizza that comprises of ground beef, chopped onion, yogurt, pomegranate syrup with a dash of salt and pepper. These are mixed well and spread on a thin layer of dough.

The spicier version comprises of ground beef, chopped onion and a mix of fresh vegetables like tomatoes, bell pepper, red pepper, cilantro, garlic and other spices. (Personally, this is my favorite. What a great way to add flavor to your day!)

Both varieties are offered by Café Eden in one size, similar to a small personal pizza.

Whether you love hamburgers or pizza, Lahmajoun offers the two in a tasty and fulfilling mix.

Lahmajoun is also a healthier alternative to fast food. Why?

  • Our dough is made fresh every day

  • No meat filler 

  • Top grade quality meat is used

  • No preservatives

  • No artificial ingredients

Did you know that Lahmajoun was listed in Lonely Planet’s The World’s Best Spicy Food?